• Truck Auto Electrical Services Melbourne

  • At All Trans Auto Electrical Services Melbourne we provide all aspects of truck electrical service, repairs and maintenance.

    We offer all aspects of truck repairs, truck maintenance, truck electrical repairs and rewiring. We also offer the following Auto Electrical Services:- General Electrical Troubleshooting, Truck LED Light Replacement, Truck Electric Brake Controller Troubleshooting, Trailer Light Repairs, Truck Headlight Replacement, Truck Gauge Installation, Truck Emergency Light Installation, Truck Marker Light Replacement, Trailer Light Repairs, Clearance Light Replacement, Wire Harness Repair and Replacement, Battery Testing and Replacement, Charging System Test

    The specialist auto electricians at All Trans Auto Electrics Melbourne are on hand to keep you on the road 24/7 covering all aspects of auto electrical repairs and servicing for the Transport Industry from general repairs and emergency roadside service. Truck Starter Motors, Truck Alternator Repairs, Truck Batteries, Truck General Repairs and maintenance, Truck Electrical Wiring, Trailer Wiring, Truck and Trailer Safety services, Reverse Cameras & Emergency Lighting and more.

    Our Auto Electrical Services Include:-

    • General Electrical Troubleshooting
    • LED Light Replacement
    • Electric Brake Controller Troubleshooting
    • Trailer Light Repairs
    • Truck Headlight Replacement
    • Gauge Installation
    • Emergency Light Installation
    • Marker Light Replacement
    • Trailer Light Repairs
    • Clearance Light Replacement
    • Wire Harness Repair and Replacement
    • Battery Testing and Replacement
    • Charging System Test
  • General Truck Repairs

    At All Trans Auto Electrical Services Melbourne we have a full auto electrical service in house, also break down vehicles. There aren’t many repairs that we do that don’t have an electrical component to them, and having the knowledge makes the job more efficient.

  • Safety, Reversing Cameras & Emergency Lighting

    These kits give you that second set of eyes while reversing. The added help of night vision with an infrared reverse camera is invaluable when maneuvering at night of in a poorly lit car park. Safety, Reversing Cameras & Emergency Lighting

  • Trailer Electrical Rewiring

    Semi-trailers need to have tail lights that function correctly, keeping them as well as other vehicles on the road safe. In order to have tail lights that function well, it is important to know how to wire them so that they are able to illuminate correctly during braking.

  • Truck Alternators

    If your truck’s Battery or Charge indicator light is on in the dashboard you should have your truck checked as soon as possible. The light is a warning the level of power in the battery or the level of charge reaching the battery is insufficient. If left unattended this will deplete all power from the battery and the truck will cease to operate.

    Problems with your Truck Alternator?
    At All Trans Auto Electrical Services Melbourne, we can supply new or re-manufactured truck alternator units.  All our Truck Reconditioned alternators are re-manufactured using high quality parts to meet the original manufacturer’s specification. All Trans Truck Auto Electrical Services Melbourne has a wide range of alternators and charging systems components which minimises your downtime.

  • Truck Starter Motors ~ New / Re-Conditioned

    Most people don't think much about their starter motor...until it stops. Truck starters have to deliver loads of torque for cranking truck engines in all conditions. In cold weather, battery drain and oil viscosity take their toll on the starter motor. In hot weather, starter heat soak can lock an iffy starter up. Either way, you're not getting anywhere if your starter motor decides to give up the ghost. All of our truck starter motors meet rigorous quality standards and are guaranteed to work with your application. If the battery cables are dirty or corroded, you're making your starter's life harder too.

  • Truck Batteries

    Today, it's common for a battery to seem perfectly normal right up to the minute the engine won't start. And while cost is important, the least expensive battery might not be the best (or cheapest) long-term option. Choosing the "best" battery for your truck is easier when you become familiar with your options before you need a quick replacement.

    Truck Batteries come in all shapes and sizes. If you buy one that's too small, it can move around in the battery tray, and the battery hold-down will undoubtedly be loose. If you buy a battery that's too large, it may sit on the edge of the tray, which can rub a hole in the battery (and the hold-down probably won't fit). If the battery is too tall, it could come into contact with the hood or some other piece of metal and lead to a loud (and messy) explosion.

    There are numerous battery configurations. If you choose a set-up that differs from your truck's original battery, the cables might not be long enough to reach the terminals. You might coax it on, but vibrations during driving, combined with the cable pulling on the battery post, will eventually break the post loose from the battery case. Never stretch a cable. Buy a battery that meets or exceeds the auto manufacturer's rating.