• LED / HID Lights & Communication Accessories

    All Trans Auto Electrical services fit aftermarket batteries, LED Lights, HID Lights as well Communication Kits, Communication Accessories for a variety of vehicles, boats, 4WD and caravans.

    Dual Batteries - Cars, 4WD, Boats
    A dual battery system will allow you to power additional accessories without the risk of flattening the main battery.

    • Independent power source for items such as fridges and camp lights
    • Increases power when winching
    • Peace of mind in the event of a main battery failure
    • Battery trays manufactured from 2mm powder coated steel
    • Trays available on their own or as part of a complete kit

    Kits are supplied with tray and mounting hardware, factory terminated wiring and either solenoid or smart solenoid.

  • HID Lights & Kits

    What are HID Replacement Bulbs for?
    Xetronic HID Xenon bulbs are upgrades for any vehicle with traditional factory HID headlights. Virtually all factory HID bulbs in your vehicle today are under 5000K. Our latest range of high quality 6000K, 8000K or 10000K. HID Xenon Replacement Bulbs will upgrade your factory yellowish white HID headlights to a cool blue/purple beam HID D2R Bulbs! We can also replace your original HID with factory installed globes.

    Why HID Xenon Bulbs are better?
    Our HID Conversion Kit is a revolutionary concept in automotive light that provides 3 times more light on the road compared to traditional halogen headlights Each light uses a tube of Xenon gas, and small amounts of other noble gases, placed between two high-voltage electrodes that emit a bright bluish/white light then electrodes are activated.

    Save Power: HID light consume only 35W of electricity making them over 3 times more efficient than traditional halogen bulbs.
    Longer Life: HID light lasts over 2500 hours = 3 or 4 years maintenance free.
    Safety: HID light increased brightness of 300% (over traditional halogen bulbs) adds an extra margin of safety.
    Appearance: Attractive, cool bluish/white light is comfortable and very close to the natural light emitted by the sun. It makes everything easier to see at night.

    Can I change my Lights?
    5 Different Colours of HID Xenon Bulbs are available to fit your personality which ranges from 4300K Crystal White, 6000K Aqua Blue, 8000K Deep Blue to 10000K Violet Purple. Keep in mind that only the 6000K is Legal (ADR approved). Anything higher and this will make your vehicle illegal if you are inspected for bright lights.

  • Communication, GME Products

    Radio communications are important for many Australians given the size of our country. Reliable radio access is vitality important.
    The main advantage of UHF transmission is the physically short wave that is produced by the high frequency. The size of transmission and reception antennas is related to the size of the radio wave. The UHF antenna is stubby and short. Smaller and less conspicuous antennas can be used with higher frequency bands.

    The major disadvantage of UHF is its limited broadcast range and reception, often called line-of-sight between the TV station's transmission antenna and customer's reception antenna, as opposed to VHF's very long broadcast range and reception, which is less restricted by line of sight.

    At All Trans Auto Electrical Services Melbourne we supply and install GME products and can advise you of the product most suited to your requirements.

  • LED Lighting & Accessories

    Whether you’re driving a big Class 8 heavy duty truck or a golf cart, we have the LED lights and accessories to meet your needs. Our lighting experience & competitive pricing will ensure you get the best products installed for your specific requirements.