• Forklift Auto Electrical Services Melbourne

    At All Trans Auto Electrical Services Melbourne we repair and service all forklift DC and AC Electric motors, and use only the highest quality parts.

    Forklift Repair Models such as:- Toyota, Komatsu, Nissan, Hyster, TCM, Mitsubishi, Crown, NYK Forklifts, G_Power, Nichiyu, Caterpillar, Clark, Linde, Manitou Rough Terrain Forklifts, Ausa Rough Terrain Forklifts plus much more. Conventional forklifts, Container mast (short masted forklifts), sideloader forklifts, walkie stackers, reach trucks (and any other materials handling equipment), all forklift makes and forklift models.

    DC Electric Motor Rebuild services available for fractional motors up to 500 HP:

    • Coils manufactured in house to ensure custom fit
    • High Pressure banding to ensure coils do not unravel at high speeds
    • All commutators are turned, undercut (using an automatic high speed saw), followed by a hand inspection
    • All conductive carbon is cleaned from Field coils and armatures
    • Dynamic Balancing
    • Elevator Motor Repairs
    • Slip Ring Motors
    • Armature Rewind, Field Coil Rewind, Interpole Rewind
    • Shaft Rebuilding, done in house

    AC Electric Motor Rebuild services available for fractional motors up to 500 HP

    Latest equipment to help quickly diagnose the problem with your motor including:

    • Vibration analysis
    • Infrared Thermography (FLIR)
    • Winding Analyzer (AL TEST Pro)
    • Upgrading motors for inverter duty
    • Upgrading insulation class
    • Shaft Rebuilding
    • Dynamic Balancing
    • Wound rotor motor repair
    • Rebuilding of Eddy Current Clutch Drives
    • Elevator Motor Repairs
    • Generator Repairs

    AC and DC Motor Repair

    All repairs begin with thorough documentation, testing, and inspection. Rewinding starts with the original windings being carefully removed. This method maintains the integrity of core iron and mechanical characteristics without damage. All coils are wound on computerized machines for uniformity and accuracy utilizing Class H wire, phase insulation, and other insulating materials. Stators and armatures are processed on trickle varnish machines which offer six distinct advantages over conventional dip and bake methods.

    Recognizing no two repairs are alike, we also have the flexibility to meet a wide variety of customer repair requirements.