• Engine Management

  • Car Engine Management System
    Your car's engine management system is a complex system that includes various components such as:

    • Power train Control Module
    • Electronic Throttle Control
    • Engine Control Units
    • Electronic Fuel Injection

    EFI Service & Repairs -
    How does fuel injection work?
    Fuel injection replaced carburetion as the principal form of fuel/air delivery to vehicles in the mid 1980s. The simple, efficient design offered a new standard of reliability and efficiency by delivering fuel in varying volume and frequency - a process that would become more sophisticated as electronics replaced mechanical components within the injection systems.

    With a petrol engine, fuel is transferred via an electronic pump known as a fuel pump. This fuel subsequently passes though a filter that removes most contaminates that have entered (or corroded from) the fuel tank.

    This filtered fuel then enters one end of a common feeding tube for an engine's fuel injectors called a fuel rail. The other end of this rail is met by a pipe that leads back to the fuel tank - called a return pipe. This pipe contains a fuel pressure regulator (essentially a resistor, or blockage) that ensures all fuel within the fuel rail is kept at a constant pressure (essential for precise metering of fuel).

    The engine's injectors 'feed' from this pressurised fuel delivery circuit.

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