• Computer and Sensors – CANBUS

  • The CANBUS is an electronic communications network that interconnects electronic components within a car or other vehicle. Due to the specialised requirements and need for Fail-Safe reliability; conventional computer networking techniques (ethernet and TCP/IP) are not used

    • Engine Control Modules (ECM)
    • Transmission Control Modules (TCM)
    • Automatic Transmission
    • Anti-Lock Braking System (Abs) Modules
    • Air Bag Systems
    • Keyless Car Entry Or Security
    • Advanced Climate Control
    • Motorized Seats And Mirrors That Remember The Settings Of Multiple Drivers
    • Cruise Control

    Unique Signal Processing
    Each control module needs to speak to the other modules comprising the network. The wiring and relay switching necessary to achieve this would be extremely complex and would prevent easy installation of additional sensor modules. The Canbus system identifies each module as a 'Node' on the network and gives it a unique 'Address' or fingerprint. Any module needing to communicate with it will send a signal identified with the target node address. All other modules will ignore this signal.

    Using this technique many signals can be sent simultaneously over the same network.

    The Canbus can also allow certain devices to over-ride or suppress less important functions during emergencies. For example; during emergency breaking or impact then driver and passenger safety are paramount so the ABS and Airbag Systems will override other systems.