• Car Electrical Rewiring

  • Car Electrical Rewiring Melbourne
    It starts as a smell. The unmistakable odor of burning insulation. Shortly thereafter a wisp of smoke curls out from under the dash. This is followed by the similarly unmistakable pop of a fuse blowing. At which point your radio cuts out. Or maybe it's the windshield wipers that stop--or the engine itself.

    Shorts to ground usually will have low enough resistance to draw sufficient current to blow the fuse. If the short is to another circuit, you may see things like the dome light coming on when you hit the turn signals. You may discover a wiring harness or multi-prong connector meltdown, caused by the heat liberated from a short or high-resistance connection. Moreover, not all wiring problems are shorts. Open and intermittent connections also can make your life difficult.

    We deal with all sorts of Car Electrical Repairs, everything from a simple wiring problem, to a Complete Rewire.